If you’re interested in practicing Kriya Yoga, you may have heard about the concept of “prosperity” – and be wondering what, exactly, it means. What is prosperity in Kriya yoga? What is prosperity meditation? How can you attain prosperity with proper Yogic practices? In this article from Ellen Grace O’Brian, we’ll examine the concept of prosperity in Kriya Yoga in detail.

Understanding Prosperity In Kriya Yoga – What Does Prosperity Mean?

First, let’s begin by discussing the idea of prosperity itself. In Kriya Yoga, prosperity does not simply refer to material abundance – such as wealth – although this can certainly be part of a prosperous life.

Instead, prosperity means living your life according to dharma. In the teachings of Kriya Yoga, true abundance is only truly available to us when we are able to remove the doubts and fears that we have – and allow our true selves to prosper.


What does it mean to live your life according to dharma? Dharma is the ultimate of the four primary aims in life. As set out in the Vedas, the most ancient Sanskrit spiritual texts, these aims consist of:

  • Artha, material wealth
  • Kama, enjoying life
  • Moksha, emancipation or ultimate freedom
  • Dharma, behaviors that are consistent with cosmic law and order

To simplify things, dharma refers to the set of behaviors that allow you to remove roadblocks to your life – allowing you to reach your true self and be all that you can be. When you live according to dharma, you are thinking bigger than yourself – you are accepting the oneness of life. That there is only a single life, a single power, a single presence within all of us – and that you are part of something bigger.

When you are able to live your life according to dharma and support the wellbeing of all living things – humankind included – this is the ultimate form of prosperity in Kriya Yoga. Living with regard to others is the best way to unlock the inner prosperity that you deserve.

How Do I Achieve Peace And Prosperity While Practicing Kriya Yoga?

The important thing to remember is that prosperity and peace come from within – not from without. When you practice Kriya Yoga, you are not altering the circumstances of the outside world to bring prosperity or benefits to yourself – not at all.


Rather, you are altering the inner self. Prospering is innate. According to Yogacharya O’Brian, “The greatest mistake is not knowing or forgetting that prospering is innate. We are innately full, whole, and the drive to prosper comes from the soul…”

To achieve peace and prosperity while practicing Kriya Yoga, you must not disconnect yourself from the source of good in your life – your inner self. When you are disconnected from the source of yourself, your life becomes hard, burdensome and confusing.

Prosperity meditation is one of the best ways to unblock yourself and remove the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your essential nature as a spiritual being – and prospering accordingly. Ellen Grace O’Brian specializes in teaching this method of yogic meditation, and helping you unlock prosperity not just in the physical world – but also in the emotional and spiritual world.

Prosperity Means Living Your Life Without Interior Obstacles – Strive For It!

When you restore clarity and radiance to your heart, so too do you unlock the spiritual energies required to become prosperous – in mind, body, and spirit. If you are interested in learning more about building the foundation for a prosperous life, Ellen Grace O’Brian can help.

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