Phil Wright is back with new influencer choreography. As a renowned dance choreographer, Phil has joined with World of Dance U-Jam Fitness once again to inspire some powerful dance moves that can be used in any dance routine or fitness workout.

Check out his World of Dance U-Jam video and let us know your thoughts using #WODUJAM. Keep reading for WOD Magazine’s sneak peek Q&A on Phil’s motivation during the video.

 Phil Wright

Celebrity Choreographer and World of Dance U-Jam influencer 

How did the music inspire your choreography?

Phil: “One of my biggest musical inspirations is MC Hammer and his live concerts. His music inspired me the most to create and perform in my style. The song I choreographed to had that same type of musical inspiration for me.”

During Phil’s video shoot, he choreographed a routine of 13 dance moves that can be used in U-Jam instructor and trainer classes. The song featured is Jaw Jump by DeeWunn, a Jamaican dancehall artist from Waxploitation’s record label.

What was the energy like on set with World of Dance U-Jam?

Phil: “The energy on U-Jam was amazing. The hospitality is always excellent. Working with U-Jam is always a great time!”

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