Now that we’ve left the restrictive diet, detox/laxative teas- and hopeful waist trainers- behind in 2019, there are some new 2020 fitness trends to check out. Joining many of the pre-existing trends still going strong from 2019, here are some trends sweeping the fitness world that are also getting more people interested in starting their fitness journey. 

1. Group Fitness Training

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Group classes aren’t new in the fitness industry, but the rise of group fitness training has certainly become the preferred method to personal training for many people new to exercising. For these individuals, group training can be a great way to remain consistent, have fun while exercising, and lifts the pressure of achieving desired results. 

2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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You might’ve heard about HIIT, but if you still have no clue what it is, HIIT (pronounced “hit”) is High-Intensity Interval Training — a workout method where you do short bursts of hard cardio exercise and divide them up by brief resting periods. HIIT can be as simple as doing intense jumping jacks to get your heart pumping and is great for people looking to burn calories and fat, boost their metabolism, improve heart and muscle health, maintain blood-sugar levels and lower blood pressure, according to Women’s Health Mag.

3. Intermittent Fasting

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Another trend that has gained a following is intermittent fasting. People who intermittent fast will restrict the potion size and the amount of times they can eat each day, like skipping breakfast, and eating their first meal during lunchtime. There are also different types of fasting methods that are usually implemented as a way to maintain or lose weight. 

4. Plant-Based Eating

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The shift toward plant-based eating can be attributed to an increase awareness in health and plant-based benefits. The eruption of plant-based milk and meat alternatives has also created a demand for more plant-based products. Within fitness, plant-based eating is a great way to have a balanced diet that can provide energy and nutrients during your workout. Mushrooms have become the superfood used in many meal plans since it is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

5. Athleisure

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This fashion trend has been popularized in recent years and defines clothes that are usually form-fitting and athletic-inspired. The mindset of “looking good” in the gym has definitely spurred the increase demand for athleisure wear and lately, more companies have launched athleisure lines that focus on the stylish aspect of their clothes rather than its technical function. The bulk of athleisure wear comprises spandex leggings, crop tops, and fitted sneakers, but much of these clothes can help people feel great while looking great in the gym and may be more comfortable. 

6. Wearable Technology

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Wearable technology like fitness tracking smartwatches has increased in popularity throughout the years. With smart sensors that measure a person’s day-to-day activity, people can now track their heart rate and step count among other things, all while on-the-go or during a workout. Wearable technology may stay a constant trend in fitness as more and more technological innovations’ roll out every year.

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