With family, Friendsgiving, Christmas, and all the holiday dinners around the corner, it’s safe to say that this is the time of year where we munch out like crazy. With all the tasty food around you, how could you not? It’s perfectly okay to treat yourself to some hearty dinners, however; make sure that you’re making some healthy choices while you’re at it.

Eat Mindfully

man and woman eating sandwich infront of table


The point of mindful eating is to help you slow down and make you aware of your food portioning. By doing this, you’ll toss out negative eating habits such as talking while you’re trying to shove in the last bite of food in your mouth. During the past 20 years, studies have found that mindful eating can help you reduce binge eating, lose weight, cope with chronic eating problems such as anorexia and bulimia, reduce anxious thoughts about food and your body, and improve the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. At the end of the day, mindfulness is beneficial and can be applied to your diet to prevent you from overeating. Just make sure you’re enjoying every bite of turkey and mashed potatoes, trust me, they taste better when you do.

Stay Hydrated

man pouring water in glass


Your body is composed of about 60% water, so you want to make sure you’re drinking enough during the holidays. Water helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids such as digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. While soda and alcohol are going to be included in almost every holiday meal, have a glass of water in between beverages. Nobody wants to wake up with a gnarly hangover, so save yourself the regret and drink lots of water.

Chose Healthy Alternatives

three bowls of salad dish with lemon on table


It may seem hard to find substitutes for your yummy appetizers and entrees, but here are a couple of food swaps to help you with less calorie intake. Instead of full-fat sour cream or ranch, try Greek yogurt which is only 15-20 calories. You can also skip dark meat and eat white turkey meat instead or substitute  your gravy with a low-fat version. It can be something as simple as making your dinner rolls wheat or having green beans as a side dish. For more ideas on how to eat healthier during the holidays click here.

Create A Holiday Workout

woman doing yoga post during golden hour


With last minute holiday shopping and cooking meals, it can be difficult to find time to work out. Instead of an intense gym session, try doing 30 minute daily workouts at home. Whether it’s yoga or walking in the morning, any physical activity will still help. Grab a friend and go on a hike over the weekend, or take a stroll at a light show during Christmas. The holidays are fun and festive, so be creative with your workouts.

Self Care Comes First

photo of person holding book near textile
While the holidays are exciting, they can also be draining when you’re running around shopping and socializing. Your mental health is important, so give yourself time to relax. Try to distance yourself from the chaos and go for a walk, meditate, watch your favorite movie or read a good book. With the holidays come the end of the year, so get a journal and start writing out your goals. Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself as well as your time with your friends and family- you’ve earned it!

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