When U-Jam Fitness first launched 10 years ago, Tamera Ware was an instructor, then two years later she became one of the first World of Dance U-Jam trainers. Now a mother of four, Ware is a Skills and Development trainer for World of Dance U-Jam, certified in over 12 different fitness formats and has trained over 200 instructors around the world while transforming and changing people’s lives through music and dance. Learn more about Tamera Ware and how you can get involved with World of Dance U-Jam in WOD Magazine’s exclusive Q&A below. 

Meet Tamera WareTamera Ware

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Tamera Ware started dancing in college and was studying to be a professional dancer. At San Jose University, Ware auditioned for a professional CVA basketball team called the San Jose Jammers which led to her becoming a dancer for the NBA Golden State Warriors. There she fostered her passion and love for dance and later incorporated fitness in her craft after teaching at a fitness center.

Along the way, she ended up volunteering and teaching dance and fitness in Central Asia for 10 years. After coming back to America and becoming a mother of four, Ware said she struggled with her weight, health, and energy, so she got right back into dance and fitness. Around this time, she had met Susy C. Marks, the co-founder of U-Jam Fitness, and started becoming certified in different fitness formats like Pilates, Barre, Kettlebell, Barbell Strength, and currently teaches Cardio toning, Hot Yoga, Yoga toning, and World of Dance U-Jam Fitness.

Q & A 


What do you do as a World of Dance U-Jam Master Trainer?

My role is to encourage, inspire, motivate, and train new trainers and their dance skill development. 

How many instructors have you trained and what is the process like?

I think I have trained over 200 instructors and the process for me as a trainer is exciting to find studios and gyms that are interested in trying something new and being on the cutting edge of the best formats out there. When I meet new people, the process is connecting with them, their instructor, their community, and introducing U-Jam.

What are some of your main focuses as a Master Trainer?

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee where U-Jam just never existed because it was basically only on the West Coast, so one of my jobs is to introduce demos, we call them House Parties. My focus when I get to a training is study each instructor there and focus on how to motivate them and encourage them. My favorite part of a training is looking at people at the first hour of the training; they’re scared, timid, uncertain, shy, and then by the end of the training, it’s so amazing to see the transformation of just being delighted and thrilled that they took the training. New instructors at the beginning of the training they’re like, “this is too hard,” “I can’t do this.” and then seeing them at the end of the training just feeling accomplished; that’s my favorite part. 

What is a typical World of Dance U-Jam Fitness class like ?

It is energy driven and welcoming from the beginning all the way to the end. Anyone can expect to walk in and feel welcomed, feel like they are a part of a community, and no matter what their dance level is, they’re going to get to experience all types of world beats, dance genres, and have a good time doing cardio. 

What are some of your methods to keep students motivated?

A lot of positive feedback, drawing on their strengths, and helping them recognize what they’re doing amazingly well. When there aren’t times to give correction, it’s always weighted in a sense of constructive, encouraging positivity as opposed to focusing on,  “this is wrong,” “this is not good.” I will give them correction and then when I see people tired, I turn on music, and we just break out dancing and shake it off just to get them out of their head, release the nerves, and make it fun. 

What is your biggest challenge as a U-Jam Master Trainer?

My biggest challenge is trying to get other regions and areas to try something new. I think there are a couple of different mindsets in the fitness industry. There’s the mindset of the manager or studio owner who says “I want the greatest, next, newest thing,” and then there are some people who don’t want to try anything new. But I know that they just need to see U-Jam and experience it to know that it is a win-win situation. It’s going to do everything to encourage their members and keep them coming back for more. 

How can people join and get involved with World of Dance U-Jam Fitness?

There are so many ways to take a class. World of Dance U-Jam classes can be anywhere. It can be at a rec center, a professional dance studio, a gym, at a church. I’ve taught at an apartment complex and I also teach once a week at a school, and every single one of my classes start with a World of Dance U-Jam song and choreography and my kids absolutely love it. The way people can get involved is challenge themselves by becoming an instructor because every single instructor has started as a student. If someone wants to inspire people then they need to take a training and be a part of this community. 

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You can follow Tamera Ware on Instagram for more information about her classes and events. To find a class or learn how to become an instructor, check out our World of Dance U-Jam website.