Not only are the duo Luka and Jenalyn known for their insanely difficult tricks and lifts on NBC’s World of Dance, but they’ve now begun a 37-show tour around the world with World of Dance Live. WOD Magazine got the chance to speak to them about beginning their second tour with us and their experiences thus far.

WOD: What did you learn from your first WOD tour that you’re applying to this one?

Luka: Being on our first tour helped us learn how to enjoy ourselves and not be so concerned with our health and other peoples’ health. We were so focused on our bodies and not getting injured that we didn’t fully enjoy ourselves, but now we are making sure to take it all in everywhere we go.
Jenalyn: We got so caught up in perfection, getting the cues right, routines and changes, and we didn’t get to enjoy our time with the dancers and fans and cities we were in. We wanted to appreciate the show more and have a chance to get over the nerves, and we didn’t get a chance to know what it feels like to be on tour.

WOD: What’s the difference between this tour and your first one?

L: There were a lot more acts the first time around, but now there are two huge teams, The Kings and Unity LA, and there were more solo and duo acts the first time around. There were more hectic changes and we had to execute tricks with stamina, and it’s nice to have the experience from our first tour. Huge teams do the choreo, and we have bigger numbers, so the choreo is different to fit everyone in. It highlights different styles, and rehearsals are harder for “non-choreography” dancers. Jenalyn knows how to pick up choreography, and some get it and others don’t. We would practice at home while others rested to make sure you look good. People  come together and support each other, and we sometimes give some of the people tips on technique because it’s in our best interest to help everyone look good.
J: There are way more cities than the first time, and now there are almost 40. Then, we maybe only did 20 to 30. We are learning to pace ourselves and take care of our bodies, since we sometimes have multiple shows in one day.

WOD: How is it working with Emmy nominated choreographer Tessandra Chavez?

J: We worked with Nappy Tabs and Tessandra and Kyle for season one, and it’s been great so far. There is such a high level of choreography and attention to detail. The group choreography from her is new and different, and she definitely put her best foot forward and used our strengths in this choreo. It’s so seamless for the groups and solos.

WOD: Where are you the most excited to perform?

In unison: TORONTO!
L: It’s our home city and the crowds are so crazy and it’s probably because they know that’s where we’re from. The crowds in Canada really appreciate what we’re doing.
J: Our family and friends always show up and it’s great to see their support!

WOD: What do you do to keep busy while traveling?

L: We have actually been super busy creating music videos that are being produced by the judges from World of Dance Philippines while we’re on tour.
J: Basically, our schedule is getting to the venue for stage blocking after waking up, doing a meet and greet, doing the show, then showering and sleeping. So we don’t have a ton of extra time. We sometimes get to check out some restaurants nearby or see a little of the city we’re in.

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