The answer is simple, yes. Dancing while pregnant is not only safe, but it’s a fun way to exercise as you get ready for your baby. It helps reduce weight and back pain, keep you active, toned, and it’ll make childbirth easier. Here are a couple of tips to help you dance if you’re planning on swaying your way through your pregnancy.


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Make sure to stretch at least 10 minutes before every dance routine to avoid your muscles from straining. Warming up is a must, especially during pregnancy because you want to ensure that your ligaments and joints are ready for you to move. Not only that, but take your time. If you get tired or start to feel sore, take a break and move at your own pace! See how you feel after your first dance class and make sure to consult your doctor in case you run into any complications.

Choose The Right Type Of Dancing


It’s always best to choose a pregnancy dance class around your area because the steps are monitored by your dance instructor. If the is not available, try a low intensity dance aerobics class instead. Depending on how many weeks you are, you can go at the level your instructor recommends. Jazz dance, samba, ballroom dancing (minus the lifts) and salsa are all good for staying in shape, especially in early pregnancy. Belly dancing helps your pelvic, tummy, and trunk muscles giving you the back support you need throughout your pregnancy. Remember that your body under goes dramatic changes while pregnant, so make sure you’re not overworking yourself.

Know What To Avoid

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While there are certain types of dancing that are great ways to exercise while pregnant, certain kinds of dance may be more harmful than beneficial. Unless you’re already used to it, ballet can place a tremendous amount of pressure on your joints and can cause pelvic pain. Hip-hop and urban dancing can increase your chances of falling as well because of the fast movements that are involved. Another one would be tap dancing due to all the repeated hops and jumps you’re required to do. Avoid any forms of dance that involve jumps and leaps and sudden, fast changes of direction, such as twists and turns. The point of dancing while you’re pregnant is to keep you healthy and not put yourself at risk. Listen to your body and adjust your dancing accordingly to how you feel.

Things To Keep In Mind

Woman Doing Yoga


As you reach your second and third trimester, make sure you’re checking in with your doctor to see if dancing can continue to help your pregnancy. Always bring a water bottle with you to class and have a fulfilling snack before you start dancing so you have enough energy. If you notice that something causes you discomfort while dancing, don’t do it! Stray away from standing on one leg too much and stretch even after you finish dancing. Choose studios that have some sort of ventilation or air conditioning so you don’t overheat your body. Lastly, enjoy your journey and stay healthy as you prepare yourself to give birth to your beautiful baby!

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