The New Year is always so full of promise, a chance to make big changes and set new goals. If you, like many, have made a list of resolutions for 2020, be warned that over half of all resolutions fail. However, this does not have to be you. Follow the simple tips below to help stick to your goals this year and truly become the person you envisioned.

Start Small and Be Realistic

If you’ve never a mile before, then perhaps vowing to run a marathon is not the best resolution to make. Instead, break your big goals into a series of smaller, more manageable ones. Start by vowing to run five miles, then ten, then a half marathon- and remember to reward yourself for these smaller victories along the way. These small steps will help propel you forward to your ultimate goal and build your confidence along the way.

Make Yourself Accountable

Try making a written or verbal commitment to people in your life you don’t want to let down. Surround yourself with those who truly want you to succeed and it may help you power through the rough patches. Make a blog tracking your fitness progress, plan on taking a vacation with a friend when you reach a certain milestone, or seek out like-minded individuals IRL or online with similar goals to yourself. Having people to share your struggles and successes with can make the journey easier and less intimidating in the long run.

Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate yourself! Reward yourself for sticking with something and achieving those smaller, more achievable goals mentioned earlier. Treat yourself to a spa day, indulge in a guilt-free day of eating whatever your want, or buy yourself that new video game you’ve been eyeing. The bottom line is that sticking to resolutions are hard so be sure to stop every now and again to acknowledge the hard work that you’ve done. You deserve it.

Be Kind To Yourself If You Slip

Nobody is perfect and chances are you will slip along the way. Instead of beating yourself up, be kind to yourself and recognize that you can still get back on track. If you vowed to shed a few pounds, not going to the gym for a few days or eating a few too many sweets one weekend is not the end of the world. In fact, striving for total perfection may actually be detrimental to achieving your goals as it creates unrealistic expectations. So go easy on yourself and enjoy the journey.

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