Now that we are approaching the halfway point in 2020, we realize our New Year’s resolutions were forgotten long ago. But the year isn’t over yet! Becoming fit can happen any point of the year, so if you’re trying to get back on your game, here are five tips on how to commit to a fitness routine. P.S. these tips work for starting a fitness routine at home while we are all self-distancing.

Baby Steps

It’s all the more difficult to stay active if you’re not already regularly exercising. The first part in sticking to a fitness routine is to make exercise a habit. Adults should aim to be physically active two and a half hours per week (source). Take your time and once you’ve got your body moving, challenge yourself a little bit more every week!

Build A System

A sure way to failure is setting a daunting goal and relying on motivation alone to keep you going. Instead, build a system! This means looking at your current schedule and integrating a fitness regime that works for you. By doing so, you are changing your lifestyle and using daily routines to keep yourself in check. Whether your workouts are going to a class, exercising at home, or running laps around your block, dedicate time in your life to being active.

Set Mini Goals

Part of building a system is laying out mini goals that you can accomplish throughout a period of time. For example, it’s more attainable to lose one pound per week than to pressure yourself into losing 20 pounds by summertime. Not only does this break down your fitness goal, it is also a more gratifying and fun approach to a long term goal!

Be Consistent

One of the biggest challenges with committing to a fitness routine is consistency. The loophole around that is associating positive triggers with working out. This could mean bringing a friend, wearing cute gym clothes to boost your mood, or simply rewarding yourself after every workout. The point is to find what works best for you to keep your momentum going!

Remember Fitness And Health Is A Commitment To Yourself

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, remember that this is your journey. Focus on changing your lifestyle for the better all the while being kind to yourself if and when you slip up. Everyone has off days but the next day is always a new start!

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