World of Dance U-Jam brings the talented choreography of World of Dance influencers and turns it into an addictive dance cardio format that will make you move, sweat, and smile. Expect funky, adrenaline-based urban beats from around the world with easy-to-follow choreo so that everyone, everywhere, can get their jam on.

Meet Riquel Olander

If you don’t know the name Riquel Olander, you’re going to want to remember it. This small town girl from Idaho had big dreams and eventually moved to LA to make them come true. She has danced for everyone from JLo to Oprah and was a part of the first and only all-female crew to win America’s Best Dance Crew. She is also a choreographer who has traveled all over the world teaching Master Classes and has judged for both World of Dance and HHI (Hip Hop International).
Check out her World of Dance U-Jam video below and let us know what you think using the hash tag #WODUJAM

Social Media:

Instagram/Twitter- @riquelolander
Facebook- @riqiolander

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