Through sharing videos on social media, dance has become the new fitness method to get people’s hearts pumping while they have fun exercising. Whether you’re at home or at a World of Dance U-Jam class, a great dance instructor is instrumental in leading and motivating their students during a workout, so if you’re looking to get moving, WOD Magazine has found 5 dance fitness instructors you should follow on Instagram.

Claire Black


Claire Black is a Master Trainer for World of Dance U-Jam Fitness, and teaches dance classes at VASA Fitness. Her Instagram features a variety of content that showcases her dance and fitness classes, the instructors she has trained, and great quotes to keep you motivated. Claire Black’s page is great for anyone looking to become a World of Dance U-Jam Instructor as she holds training classes in Utah and Colorado and live classes on Utah World of Dance U-Jam’s Facebook page.

Saskia’s Dansschool


Saskia Van Dijk is the CEO and founder of Saskia’s Dansschool. This dance studio ties in dance and fitness with easy to follow choreography to upbeat pop songs that we all know and love. Saskia’s Dansschool is a great page for a younger audience looking to get into fitness and learn fun and simple choreography.

Jessica Bass James


Jessica Bass James is a certified fitness instructor and the owner of Dance2Fit ⁠— an online dance fitness workout. She features a mix of aerobic dance moves with a high intensity workout in her classes. This fitness combination can help to burn calories and tone your body. If you’re not able to catch her in a city near you, Jessica has short instructional online videos that anyone can follow during their downtime. 


LaShawn J


LaShawn J is a dance choreographer and fitness instructor with a variety of content that features her life and instructional classes. LaShawn’s page is great for people looking for motivational content and fast-paced moves that incorporate cardio dance with Hip-Hop/R&B music.

Caleb Marshall


Caleb Marshall, known as The Fitness Marshall, gained widespread popularity for his fun and energetic dance videos that offer a great workout. On his page, there are countless instructional dance videos to mainstream pop songs, and his fun-loving personality is sure to get you up and motivated to exercise.


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